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Inspiration from Around the World

Do you already know your next travel destination? We're excited to get to know it! Get inspired with the travelling spirit represented by our new Born to Fly fragrances and share it with us.

Get the chance win a 2000 EUR voucher for your next trip!

How to do it?

1. Buy one of our Born to Fly Fragrances (or try both!)

2. Take an inspirational picture to show us your passion to travel

3. Post it in your Social Media channels and describe what is your dream travel destination and why

4. Tag the content with #TakeMeTo #BornToFly and @oriflame[local account name]

Contest will last from 1-14 February 2019

The prize is provided regionally - Jury will choose one winner from all Central Europe markets, who will get the voucher for the travel of their choice.


Because after all, it’s not about arriving at your destination – it’s about the adventures you share along the way